Gift card trading

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What is a gift card trading?

A gift certificate or card, gift card trading, can rightfully be considered a universal gift that can be presented to a colleague, relative or child. Thus, the recipient can choose for themselves a gift. This option is also an ideal option for motivating company employees for holidays or as a bonus for a job well done.

What is a gift card trading

A gift card, gift card trading is a kind of wallet with money. The owner of such a card will be able to choose the most suitable and desired gift for him from the entire range offered by the store. Yes, this is the perfect option.

Answers to questions about gift card trading

How long is the Gift Card made?

Gift card, gift card trading is issued immediately after payment. Funds are credited immediately.

Do I need a passport to buy a gift card?

Passport for the purchase and use of the card, gift card trading is not required.

How much can I get a Gift Card?

The amount of the Gift Card, gift card trading can be any. The denomination is determined at the time of purchase of the Card. To pay for purchases, you can use the entire amount of the Card immediately, or gradually – over the entire period of validity.

What is the validity period of a Gift Card?

The validity period of the Gift Card, gift card trading is indicated on its face.

Can I withdraw money from the Gift Card at an ATM?

Cash withdrawal from the Gift Card, gift card trading, at ATMs or bank cash desks is not possible.